Succulent Bridal Shower Ideas

Succulent Bridal Shower Ideas Desert Cactus

While roses or lilies are something you tend to see all over the place for every event (especially wedding-related ones), people often overlook the beauty of succulent plants. These gorgeous plants are unique and pleasant in their look, care, and bloom. Did you know that you can plan a breathtaking bridal shower by using succulents as your motif? Building the party around the many types of lovely succulent plants is a fresh, unique take on celebrating a bride-to-be!

Succulent Bridal Shower Invitation


Décor for a succulent themed bridal shower is absolutely gorgeous. Succulents come in a variety of colors, so you’re not stuck to just green hues. These delightful plants come in every shade from pinks to purples! You can use a different succulent in a gorgeous pot for each guest table at your bridal shower event, along with bigger succulent plants to adorn doorways and windows. What’s especially great about a succulent theme is that it pairs well with any other looks, whether you’re opting to mix with western or shabby chic décor. Throw in some cacti looks in the decorations a well in forms of colorful cactus spring lights, cutesy cactus banners spelling out congratulations to the bride to be, or burlap cactus table runners.

Succulent Bridal Shower favors centerpieces


Food for a succulent bridal shower can be just as fun to put together as the décor—because who won’t love adorable succulent shaped cookies and chocolates?! Have a multi-tiered shower cake in the subdued colors of the succulents you’ve chosen for the party and bring in food that comes from the areas where succulents grow naturally: the desert! Coconut, aloe, and cactus water infused beverages, bison jerky, and sweet fruits like papaya are all delicious and go perfectly with the party’s theme. The key for good bridal shower event’s food is to mix easy to eat things that also offer a decadent feel.

Of course, you can’t forget awesome favors for the bridal shower party! Actual adorable little succulent plants for the guests to go home with are obviously a terrific idea. Classic goodie bags full of gourmet treats is another great go-to favor. Unique gifts for guests could include cactus candles, wine charms, or personalized glasses. You can even infuse your favors into an activity for the bridal shower guests by setting up a station in which the guests are able to paint their own pots for succulents to take with them! This is a fun, interactive activity that also allows the bride to be and her guests to create lasting memories from the shower.

succulent-bridal-shower-wedding countdown sign


A succulent shower is one that is bold, different, and truly one that is unforgettable. There has never been an easier way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a blushing future bride!

Fashion Bridal Shower Ideas

It’s no secret that the love of fashion comes out in every bride before her wedding day. Between bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s tuxes, and the actual wedding dress itself, the bride gets to infuse her personal taste into every garment for the big event. So, why not give back to the bride for all her hard work by throwing her a fashion themed bridal shower? The shower is a party to let the bride relax, unwind, and be pampered, and you can create a fabulous soiree surrounded by the best and most fun in the fashion world!

By Elizabeth in Love

By Elizabeth in Love

By Sweet Tooth Buffets

By Sweet Tooth Buffets

Put your fashionista hat on to set up some seriously divine decorations in the form of posh couture. If there’s a place to start when decorating, it’s definitely to keep in mind that bold equals best. Bold colors, fabrics, prints, and glitz are just the things to create a bright atmosphere for the event. Zebra striped table confetti, hot pink stiletto garland, and shining gold balloons covering the ceiling are great ideas, while putting together an actual red carpet runway within the party venue is an unforgettable surprise. Have mannequins and folding screens draped with feather boas, fun hats, bauble jewelry, and unique sunglasses in all shapes and sizes. Have costume dresses or pieces of clothing for guests to match with the accessories and do a fashion walk of their own with the bride. Post of photos on the walls of some of the most famous icons in fashion history, such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Have vintage bridal magazines out for guests to pour over and you can even set up a manicure station. Crisp centerpieces of gleaming black vases and bright white and pink bouquets of flowers also really set off the posh space. You can’t go wrong with decorations reminiscent of flirty and feminine energy.

Bridal MAGAZINE Welcome Poster Fashion Bridal Shower Decorations

By inkmebeautiful

Food should be just as fabulous as the décor, so think gourmet treats and eats! A champagne bar with juices to craft the perfect mimosa type drink is always a good idea, while a chocolate candy tasting table pairs great alongside. Saltier fares should be kept easy to eat, so finger foods are always a safe bet. Tea sandwiches are a perfect go-to, along with pretzels, chips, and plenty of dips. You can never have too many snacks! Serve cookies in hat boxes and make a cake in the form of a beautiful Chanel bag or a classic wedding dress from one of the bride’s favorite wedding films. Pearly cakepops and candy ring pops are also always a great addition to the food tables. Of course, a cupcake tower complete with Tiffany Blue frosting is always a good idea, too.


You can have a great time rounding up favors for guests, too. Personalized items are always a favorite takeaway, so think glitter keepsake mugs or wine glasses with the guest’s initial on them. Do a gift set of sample sizes of some beloved fashion favorites, such as boutique shampoos, designer clutches, and brand emblem keychains. Give out these sorts of vanity items to guests as prizes for games, such as the classic Bridal Bingo. You can even do silly favors for guests to enjoy during the party, such as plastic sparkly tiaras or long costume beads or gloves. You have tons of choices when it comes to activities to keep guests entertained, from a photo booth with hilarious fashion props to a bead jewelry making table. Have guests bring stories of their most embarrassing fashion faux pas, along with pictures to offer up plenty of laughs. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bridal shower theme so interactive and vibrant, so use this to your advantage.

You can truly throw one of the most memorable bridal showers ever with the fashion motif, and you can be sure the bride and her guests will never be able to forget the joyous occasion.

Floral Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower


This lovely Floral Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower was masterminded by Events by Razan. With an outdoor venue, the natural daylight made it easy to see all of the elegant decor while giving the space a light and comfortable atmosphere.

The guest seating was remarkably decorated with a long row of tables, creating a family style. The chairs were golden and white, giving an elegance to the space that stood out. The tables were covered with a dark cloth and featured a striped black and white runner down the center.

Instead of a standard centerpiece, bottles were innovatively painted in gold and held gorgeous pink blooms. In varying heights, all sorts of bottles were lined down the center, giving a full and fantastic effect.

The place settings were pure sophistication from the golden chargers to hold the plates to the pink, bow shaped napkins.  Cute little black gift boxes were set on the chargers too, they were topped with sweet, small pink flowers.

For memorable entertainment, a photo station was set up with a decadent backdrop for everyone to take pictures at.  Black striped fabric was hung around pvc piping and across the front giant paper flowers in gold, sherbet and white created a lovely stage for some unique pictures.  Strands of pearls made a perfect finishing touch to the backdrop.  An entire table dedicated to props stood nearby, giving guests an extravagant amount of items to choose from to make their photos one of a kind.

The dessert table was exquisite with the bride to be’s name spelled out in large golden-sparkle letters.  They were set on top of white tulle along with more white beads. A cake stood at the back of the table with two layers of decadence just waiting to be nibbled on.  It was wrapped in deep red blooms and set on a golden, jeweled cake stand.

Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Bottle-Vases Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Brides-Chair Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Cakepops Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Flower-Centerpieces Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Gift-Boxes Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Gift-Table Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Seating Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Photo-Backdrop Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Photo-Props Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Place-Settings Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Welcome-Sign

Credits –

Events by Razan


Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower is a once in a lifetime party to celebrate a bride-to-be in her upcoming happiness. In a sense, a bride is saying goodbye to her childhood and walking into a new life as a wife, so what better way to throw this even than with a totally nostalgic theme? A mermaid bridal shower is the perfect motif to surround the bride and her guests on her special shower day! So get those beautiful mermaid invitations sent out and get ready to give the bride a shower that she will certainly never forget.

Mermaid Bridal Shower Invitations

Mermaid Bridal Shower Invitation, Gold Baby Shower Invitation, Bridal Shower Invitation, Baby Shower Invitation

Mermaid Bridal Shower Invite Detail Card

By ErickaMarieDesigns at ETSY

Mermaid Bridal Shower Decorations

Decorations for a mermaid themed bridal shower event are vivid, bright, and joyful, so get ready to fill the party venue full of colors and whimsical details. Ariel from The Little Mermaid, of course, has to make a debut, so whether you opt for one or twenty Ariel décor pieces, they are sure to set the tone. Glittering scaled tablecloths and mermaid tail bows for chairbacks are delightful pieces that are also unique. Centerpieces of seashells, accents of floating candles and flowers in water bowls, and vases of rainbow-hued sand are all essential aesthetics for a mermaid bridal shower. Glimmering seashell garland, oceanic ambient lighting, and tropical music set the stage makes everyone to feel like a mermaid! Place conch shells around for guests to “hear the ocean” and set up both a mermaid photo booth complete with props, along with a stand-up for guests to stick their heads through to pose for pictures as a mermaid. Remember: you can never have enough glitz, glitter, or colors of aqua and blue reminiscent of the sea.

mermaid bridal shower banner, decoration banner, under the sea


mermaid bridal shower decoration toppers, sea horse


mermaid bridal shower editable decorations


Mermaid Tassel Garland, Mermaid Party Garland, Mermaid Decorations, Mermaid Party


Mermaid Bridal Shower Food

The food spread for a mermaid bridal party is equally as fabulous as the decorations. An oyster bar is a fantastic idea, or a general seafood one. If guests or the bride aren’t too keen on that type of food, you can always mimic your deserts to look like they came from under the sea! Clam shaped sugar cookies, mermaid cake pops, or pearly shell candies are all delectable and joyful creations that no one will soon forget. Come up with a themed beverage that stays with the shower theme. You can’t go wrong with jars of gummy fish and a shower cake double tiered with sparkling mermaid toppers, too. It’s always a good idea to keep bridal shower food light and easy to eat, so finger fares are definitely a way to go as much as you can.

Mermaid Bridal Shower Favors and Games

Of course, you can’t forget the best part about the mermaid bridal shower—and that’s what the guests get to take home with them! Favors can be fun and girly, such as mermaid keychains, candle holders, Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, clay figurines, seashells with fortunes inside, or even a copy of The Little Mermaid movie. Gourmet treats reminiscent of mermaid princess royalty can be bagged up in little seashell shaped boxes. You can even come up with cool prizes and favors for guests to win through bridal shower games! Stick with classic bridal shower games, but give them a mermaid twist. For example, create a Bridal Bingo or Bridal Mad Libs in the motif of mermaid imagery and words. Make something truly interactive by having guests use makeshift items to DIY a hilarious mermaid getup for the bride-to-be! There are limitless options when it comes to games, and every bridal shower should have at least two of them. Pin the fishtail on the mermaid can also be a hilarious game that everyone loves to get into.


Regardless of how bold or subtle you go with your décor, food, and fun, a mermaid themed bridal shower is sure to go down in the history books—and make one bride certainly very happy.

Mermaid bath bomb bridal shower favors


Spa Salt Party Favors - Bridal Shower Favors


Let Them Eat Cake Shower


This delightful Let Them Eat Cake Shower was brilliantly held outdoors, allowing everyone to thoroughly enjoy a beautiful, sunny day.  Utilizing the skills of  Starry Eyed Events and several other fantastic vendors, this event was definitely one of a kind.

There were a variety of adorable vintage decorations that gave the venue a charming look.  Using a classic vanity style dresser for a buffet table, the traditional vibe of the party was clearly displayed.  The table had gorgeous golden handles that went beautifully with the pastel and gold tones of the theme.

At the front of the table massive paper flowers in gold made a lovely addition to the decor.  A fantastic backdrop stood behind the table saying, “Let Them Eat Cake,” in shimmering gold fashion.  Other sweet additions to the decor on this table included an assortment of cute flower bouquets in different styled vases, adding to the charming vintage vibe.

Of course, a “Let them eat cake” party is not complete without all sorts of tasty cakes to try out and this party had something for everyone to enjoy.  From cupcakes to a mini cake to a layered vision of decadence, the dessert table was full of memorable deliciousness.  The two layered cake was marvelously detailed with flowers for a lovely effect.  There were even sugar cookies frosted in lovely fashion.

The guest tables were immaculately decorated to match the theme tones, each table had a soft blue cover that set the stage for the fantastic blue flowered bouquet that were used as centerpieces. Golden chairs with padded seats offered optimal comfort and style.  Paper flowers were even used to add a touch of glam to the backs of the seats. With a scattering of candles in different styles and tones, a sweet coziness exuded from the tables that guests were sure to enjoy.

Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Buffet Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Cakes Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Cupcakes Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Desserts Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Floral-Sugar-Cookies Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Guest-Table Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Layered-Cake Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Macarons Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Outdoor-Venue Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Paper-Flower Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Sing-Sign Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Sugar-Cookies

Credits –

Event Stylist – @starryeyedeventsd,,

Photographer – @detallesbym

Make Up – @glamdoohairnmakeup

2 Tier Drip Cake – @giandjocakes

Drip Cake – @homemadetreatsbyanna

Sugar Cookies – @jenis_cookies_and_more

Party Favors – @plumpolkadot

Giant Paper Flowers – @esmeraldaluxurypaperflowers

Crepe Paper Flowers – @paperave

Paper Flowers – @cindypaperie

Tassel Garland – @glamfete

Cotton Candy – @cervantes_emma

Chiavari Chairs – @sdpremier_partyrentals