Colorful Fiesta Bridal Shower

Sami Kathryn Photography  captured every delightful detail of this Colorful Fiesta Bridal Shower.  From the fantastic array of colors to the diy decorations, this event was full of cultural beauty and all sorts of tasty treats. 

A large chalkboard sign was created with an adorable cactus sporting a sombrero to introduce the event as the guests entered.  It had a rustic charm that showcased the party perfectly.  The doorway beside the stand was decked out in fun fashion with a striped, bold colored curtain that was draped to create an archway effect.  Large paper flowers added a cute touch to this doorway too. 

Inside the venue natural lighting made the theme colors stand out remarkably.  One chair had a fantastic striped blanket draped over it with golden balloon letters that spelled out, “Ole.” No fiesta is truly complete without a pinata and this one was a beauty.  It had the classic styling that was certain to be fun to hit.

An outdoor space was set up for everyone to sit and chat at with long tables and white folding chairs. Each table was specially laid out with a striped runner and soda bottles and jars that held cute floral arrangements. 

A margarita machine ensured that the adults would be able to celebrate in deliciousness using fantastic customized cups that had cactus graphics on them. For food an entire buffet of yummy cuisine was set out allowing easy access so guests could grab and go. 

For a custom addition to this Fiesta party, a small table was set up and covered with a striped blanket.  It was decorated with fantastic mini cacti and several personal photos of the bride and groom for the guests to enjoy checking out as they spent time visiting at the special event. Flowers and paper wheels added a sweet look to this table too.


Photography - Sami Kathryn Photography 
Invitation Design - Whimsical Flair Shop 
Margarita Machine - Dallas Event Rentals 
Bride’s Dress - Indiola 
HMUA - BA Beauty 




Blooming Rooftop Bridal Shower

This stunning Blooming Rooftop Bridal Shower was beautifully designed with a masterful collaboration between  Michelle Mock Photography and Melanie of Wed & Honey.  With exquisite blooms displayed throughout the gorgeous rooftop venue, the party had a whimsical vibe that exuded classic charm. The magnificent view was sure to impress the guests while creating a glorious backdrop for the dessert and drink stations. 

The guest tables were adorable with a Parisian cafe style, small and round with four chairs at each one.  A floral display was arranged as a perfect centerpiece for these tables and even candles were incorporated to add to the cozy look.  The flower displays were small, ensuring that the guests could easily visit with each other as they sat.  Each place setting had lovely china ware in white and gold that blended with the elegant theme sweetly.  Round place mats were a lovely finishing touch. Each setting had a menu placed on top so everyone would know what tasty foods were available.

An adorable miniature cart was used for the cocktail section. A large floral display in the background made a colorful addition to this area.  The cart had a vintage look that complemented the theme perfectly.  A variety of colorful, tasty looking drinks were available for the guests to choose from.  The cart also had a small arrangement of white flowers and a candlestick to go with the theme. 

A table at the corner of the rooftop held the dessert in fine fashion.  It was a cabinet style with glassware underneath and a fantastic arrangement of blooms in a glass triangle. On top of this table an overflowing bouquet of colorful flowers made a pretty decoration along with another glassware triangle. The cake was frosted in white and caramel tones with a modern look.  It was topped perfectly with a small arrangement of blooms.

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Credits \ Vendors:

Main Photographer: Michelle Mock Photography
Instagram: @michellemockphotography
Organizer/Stylist: Wed & Honey
Instagram: @wedandhoney
Model (Bride): Body and Soul Models
Instagram: @bodyandsoulvienna and model’s is: @eda.c1k
Flowers: Ilvira’s Blumen
Instagram: @ilvirasblumen
MUA & Hair: Blushed by Phoebe
Instagram: @blushedbyphoebe
Calligraphy: Bumaga
Instagram: @bumagaco
Wedding Dress: Pia Mia
Instagram: @piamia_dasbinich
Jewelry / Ring: Max Schmuck Design
Instagram: @max.schmuckdesign
Bridal Shoes: Jump In
Website: (Neubaugasse 49, 1070 Vienna)
Decor/Rentals: Interio
Decor/Rentals: Felicitas
Instagram: @felicitas.home
Decor/Rentals: Raw & Order
Instagram: @raworder
Cake: Eat and Bake
Instagram: @eat_and_bake
Barkeeping Services: Syndicate Concepts
Name: Flo
Instagram: @flowridsdorfer


Modern Floral Bridal Shower

This extravagant Modern Floral Bridal Shower celebration was beautifully designed by Oh Feri. With a large venue, there was plenty of space for the guests to comfortably visit and enjoy the event. The room was well lit with plenty of natural lighting coming through the many windows, making the room warm and inviting. 

The guest tables were set up in long rows to make it simple for everyone to move around as needed. Each table was elegantly designed with small, white floral bouquets. The dishware was exquisite with intricate detailing on each plate.  Each setting had a customized menu to ensure that everyone would know what tasty foods were being offered.  The chairs were all black, adding a contrast to the soft white tones of the room.  Above the tables fantastic nets hung to add ambiance to the space.

The dessert buffet at this event was pure decadence. From the three large cakes at the back of the table to the tasty cookies and cupcakes at the front, there was plenty to keep the guests full.  The back of this table featured a fantastic, modern styled sign that advertised the party in perfect style.  It was a stunning backdrop to the treats.  Each of the cakes at the back of the table was beautifully covered in silver and white, blending with the theme tones sweetly.  They were adorned with massive red blooms that added a brilliant contrast.  On both sides of the cakes tall candles made a pretty accent. 

The other treats on the table were decorated with precision, a macaron tree stood tall on one side and a white candy coated strawberry tower stood on the other side. The front of the table was laid out with lovely silver trays that added a modern look to the decor.  Each sweet was topped with pretty blooms to emphasize the theme in lovely fashion.


Concept, Dessert Table + Venue Styling – Oh Feri

Party and Event Styling, Printables – MillyBoo Designs 

Desserts – LaManna Direct Chocobon 

Florals – Lillypad Flowers and Formals 

Event Styling and Decor – Petite Portions Lee Bird

Photography – Ps Made With Love


Masquerade Bridal Shower Ideas

A bridal shower should be just as fabulous and dramatic an event as the wedding itself, and what more perfect way to accomplish this than to tack on a wildly wonderful theme to the party? With a Gold and Black Masquerade motif, you’ll be throwing a soiree that guests—and the bride-to-be herself—won’t likely soon forget!

After you send out some seriously gorgeous embossed black and gold glittery invitations, get ready to wow everyone with the ultimate ambience. Decorations for this party are actually really easy to put together, yet still manage to look breathtaking and out of this world. You can go crazy with fun DIY projects as well. Grab up some gold spray paint and glitter and transform champagne bottles, vases, tablecloths, guest gift bags, signage frames, and more! Hang up swanky black garland made of feathers, create centerpieces of gold-painted roses, and be liberal with all the sparkles! Use masquerade masks as décor pieces, and you can even set up an activity for guests to create their own masks. Not only is this a fun and engaging addition to the bridal shower, but it can also serve as guest party favors for everyone to take home as well! Make sure the bride-to-be has plenty of crafty materials special just for her to create a one-of-a-kind bridal mask of her own!

Masquerade Bridal Shower Games

Marble Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

A marble themed bridal shower is as elegant and refined as the future bride herself. Class knows no bounds when it comes to this kind of party, so get your shining marble pressed invites out in the mail, because this is going to be a bridal shower for the books!

It’s a bright, light, and airy atmosphere when it comes to a marble theme. Crystal glassware, sparkling acrylic servingware for cakes and treats, and simple ivory tablecloths pair splendidly with the rest of the marble décor, and gives it a chance to really shine. A multi-tiered marble cake is a once in a lifetime beauty, while multi-hued marble coffee mugs or coasters make a terrific (and functional) favor for guests to take home to always remember this very special bridal shower. Marble plates match beautifully with lace runners on tables, and bridal shower games can be printed on marbled paper for an extra dose of loveliness. Roll out the marble floor runner for guests at the entry of the party, and make sure to pay attention to the actual ‘crackles’ in all your marble décor. Shining copper, silver, gold, rose gold, and bronze really make white, black, and dusty pink marble pop. Send guests home with some breathtaking marble coasters and you’ve got yourself one hard to forget party.


Marble Bridal Shower Games