Bridal Shower Games and Activities

No bridal shower is complete without a fun and interactive activity (or three!), as this is the bride-to-be’s chance to celebrate with her closest family and friends before her big day. It can seem a bit overwhelming coming up with the perfect activities for a bride’s shower event, especially when you factor in all the party details such as theme, number of guests, location, etc. But the good news is, it actually can be a fun process over a difficult one, and you can incorporate all different types of activities into a bridal shower no matter what your budget! Anything goes when you use your imagination, and there’s really only one rule to keep in mind: keep it entertaining and fun! No one likes to sit around at a boring bridal shower, so here are some ideas on how to avoid that for your guests.



When putting together a schedule for bridal shower games and activities, it’s best to start with icebreakers, as chances are not all your guests will know one another. Icebreakers are a great activity to start off the party with—either as guests are arriving or at the beginning of the shower once everyone is there.

  1. Guess the Celebrity Bride: For this icebreaker game, each guest should have the name of a famous celebrity bride (Princess Diana, Kim Kardashian, Celine Dion, etc.) taped to their back where they cannot see it. Then, the guests ask other guests yes or no questions to try and figure out what celebrity bride they have.
  2. Clothespins: This is an icebreaker game that really gets people into conversations. Each person receives 3-5 clothespins when they arrive and you announce 3-5 forbidden, wedding-related words that guests cannot say (i.e., bride, groom, cake). Each time a guests slips and says a forbidden word, another guest that catches them can grab their clothespin and at the end of the activity, whoever has the most clothespins wins a prize. Guests are going to want to talk and mingle with everyone they can and as much as they can!
  3. 2 Truths and a Lie: This oldie but goodie is perfect for a bridal shower icebreaker, as it quickly gets everyone talking and acquainted. Take turns having every guest say two truths and one lie about themselves, and have the other guests attempt to guess what is a lie and what is the truth. Another way to play this game is to ask everyone to write down two true things that describes their relationship with the bride to-be. They could be memories, things they’ve done together, or simply a thought about the bride. Then, ask them to add one lie.
  4. Memories: With the bridal shower invitations, include a request that has each guests write down a favorite memory of the bride and have the guests share these once everyone has arrived to get the party started off on a happy and sentimental note.

two truths and a lie bridal shower game

Popular Activities

There are some bridal shower games and activities that never lose their popularity and that have become classic staples at every bridal shower event. It’s good to incorporate one or two of these more known games, as guests will usually quickly know how to play.

  1. Bridal Bingo: This shower game is played as the typical bingo is played, only with wedding-related words over numbers. And, instead of using normal bingo pieces to mark the cards, opt for something more creative, such as candy hearts, sugarplums, or ring pops.
  2. Toilet Paper Dress: This is a classic bridal shower game that always ensures tons of fun and laughter. Put your guests into teams and have them race to make a wedding dress and veil out of rolls of toilet paper.
  3. Pass the Bouquet: In this form of a cross between musical chairs, and hot potato, wedding songs are played as guests continuously pass around a bridal bouquet, being out of the game if they are holding the bouquet when the song is stopped. Last one standing gets a prize!
  4. Wedding Night Talk: This activity is a surprise for the bride that she’ll never see coming. As the bride opens her gifts at the shower, write down phrases she says as she sees her gifts (things like “I’ve always wanted one of these!” and “Where does this go?”) Then, pass around the list and have each guest read out loud to the bride these “Wedding Night Phrases”.

Unique Games

While classic activities like icebreakers and timeless bridal shower games are definitely a necessity to be part of your event, one-of-a-kind games are just as important. You want guests (and the bride) to be talking about this bridal shower for years to come and to walk away with memories they just can’t get anywhere else. Unique and creative party activities are just the way to do this and to really set your bridal shower apart.

  1. Guess the Flavor: This game is heaven for a sweet tooth, as you blindfold the guests and have them taste an assortment of sweets (candies, cupcakes, cakepops, or cookies). The guests have to guess the flavor after tasting and they get to wash it down with refreshing brut champagne.
  2. Celebrity Husband: For lots of blushing and giggles, have your guests enjoy this little activity of fantasy. Have every guest write down their dream celebrity husband and have other guests try and guess who wrote down who.
  3. Name That Chick Flick: There are so many great movies out there full of even greater love stories, so why not round up a bunch of famous chick flick quotes and have the guests attempt to figure out what movies those quotes are from? This game can really go on for hours!
  4. Purse Raid: Come up with some popular items that nearly every woman would have in her purse and then call these out for guests to dig through their purses to find. The person with the most items found in her purse by the end of the game wins.
  5. How Many Kisses: This game is simple. You would need to prepare a jar full of hershey kisses and ask the guests to guess how many “kisses” there are in a jar. It is like playing ‘how many candy are there in a jar’, but using hershey kisses instead. These kisses then can be used as bridal shower favors later.


Affordable, on the Cheap

While a bridal shower can cost a bit of money, your activities don’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of free and affordable ways to show your guests a good time with engaging and entertaining activities.

  1. Quiz the Bride: Have the groom fill out answers to a bunch of questions about the bride (the funnier, the better), and then at the shower, ask the bride those same questions and see just how close her answers match up with the groom’s!
  2. Bridal Bake Off: Take a basic cake recipe and lay all the ingredients and baking tools out in the kitchen. Then, tell the bride to make a cake—without a recipe. This game is such a great one, as it is a fun show for the guests to watch and it also only involves items that are already in your kitchen.
  3. Crazy Wedding Etiquette Game: This is a hilarious activity that includes the guests coming up with “What would you do?” dramatic scenarios for the bride. While this game can go on for hours, it also serves as a fun activity that spawns off into funny and lively conversations.
  4. Printables: There is a printable out on the internet for literally everything, so whether you’re in a bind for a last minute game, activity, or something virtually free, turn to online printables. Think trivia cards, cutout activities, bridal paper dolls, etc. You can find just about anything you’re looking for at just the expense of using your printer.

With so many options to choose from, your bridal shower will undoubtedly be full of fun and lasting memories. Depending on your theme and length of the bridal shower party, you can always let your creativity shine with activities that also pose as party favors for both the guests and bride alike. Pick any kind of arts and crafts and set up stations for guests and the bride to indulge in an artistic activity while they mingle, such as pottery, painting, or even DIY manicures. And of course, no bridal shower is complete without having a guestbook for each person to sign their well wishes for the bride to be.