Morning Mimosa Bridal Shower


This Morning Mimosa Bridal Shower was beautifully designed by Simply Paush Events. When it comes to celebrating a new adventure, what better way is there to do it than outdoors on a brilliantly sunny day? This venue was a perfect place to enjoy friendship and mimosas!  

For this party, an entire section was specially devoted to creating a delicious beverage, with all sorts of options to choose from so each guest could personalize theirs just as desired.  A white table made a lovely stand for the drinks, allowing the vibrant orange and yellow tones of the decor to shine. No mimosa event is complete without champagne glasses to allow everyone to enjoy a touch of elegance as they sip and visit. To add to the fun of this party, each champagne glass was adorned with a fantastic, glittering stirring straw.

At the back of this table a fantastic personalized sign was created with giant golden lettering on a white board that said, “But First Mimosas,” introducing this delightful theme in bold style. Surrounding the board a massive display of balloons drew the eye.  The tones of the balloons ranged from bold orange to pastel yellow, giving a full and vibrant look. Lovely white flowers made sweet fillers in the balloon display too.

There were plenty of beverage choices from good old fashioned orange juice to orange mango, so everyone could find a sweet flavor to try out.  The juice was placed in tall jars that were simple to pour from and each had a large pink label, so it was easy to see what there was to drink.  Another great personal touch at this party were the champagne bottles themselves, several of which had fun labels for everyone to check out.

Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Backdrop Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Champagne Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Cups Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Flowers Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Grapefruit-Juice Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Juice-Labels Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Juices Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Personalized-Labels Morning-Mimosa-Bridal-Shower-Stirring-Straws

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Simply Paush Events


Bubbly Bar Bridal Shower

Mad Hatter Bridal Tea Party

Silver Wonderland Wedding


When it comes to dessert spreads for weddings, this Silver Wonderland Wedding layout is one in a million. Behind this decadent work of art is CreaMay, whose attention to detail is impeccable. Every aspect of this arrangement was beautifully executed from the unique tables set together in smooth fashion, to the stunning decor placed with precision throughout the venue.

The blending of white and silver tones created an elegant effect through this entire buffet area.  A backdrop of variously textured fabrics were layered together beautifully to give a fantastic vintage effect.  Set in front of a window, the natural lighting lit up the space through the sheer fabric very sweetly.

To hold all of the desserts, three vintage style tables were used, all matching with drawers that were also utilized to use all of the space effectively. Strands of pearls even hung out from them adding to the soft and inviting decor. One table held a gorgeous ornately framed mirror painted in silver. In front of it, a tiered tray displayed adorable miniature frames with cute little tufts of fabric at the tops to create an elegant touch. In front of the tables a little white tree was decorated with strands of clear jewels that made this snack area stand out beautifully.  

The desserts were quite delectable with a wide variety of options to enjoy. Sugar cookies on a clear cake tray were shaped into fun wedding shapes like dresses and were frosts in white and silver tones.  They even had cute extras like pearls. Tall trees were made from macarons in silver and white and had little flower blooms as fillers throughout.  For a neat effect, silver butterflies were hung on the tree too.

The cake was a four tiered delight frosted perfectly in white, making a perfect centerpiece for this lovely buffet.  

Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Chocolates Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Cookie-Tree Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Desserts Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Jar-Candies Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Jeweled-tree Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Marshmallows Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Miniature-Frames Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Sugar-Cookies Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Table-Decor Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Treats Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Wrapped-Chocolate-Bars Silver-Wonderland-Wedding-Wrapped-Goodies

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Floral Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower

Floral Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower

This Floral Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower was vibrant and simply stunning. With an outdoor venue, the natural daylight made it easy to see all of the elegant decor while giving the space a light and comfortable atmosphere.

The guest seating was remarkably decorated with a long row of tables, creating a family style. The chairs were golden and white, giving an elegance to the space that stood out. The tables were covered with a dark cloth and featured a striped black and white runner down the center.

Instead of a standard centerpiece, bottles were innovatively painted in gold and held gorgeous pink blooms. In varying heights, all sorts of bottles were lined down the center, giving a full and fantastic effect.

The place settings were pure sophistication from the golden chargers to hold the plates to the pink, bow shaped napkins.  Cute little black gift boxes were set on the chargers too, they were topped with sweet, small pink flowers.

For memorable entertainment, a photo station was set up with a decadent backdrop for everyone to take pictures at.  Black striped fabric was hung around pvc piping and across the front giant paper flowers in gold, sherbet and white created a lovely stage for some unique pictures.  Strands of pearls made a perfect finishing touch to the backdrop.  An entire table dedicated to props stood nearby, giving guests an extravagant amount of items to choose from to make their photos one of a kind.

The dessert table was exquisite with the bride to be’s name spelled out in large golden-sparkle letters.  They were set on top of white tulle along with more white beads. A cake stood at the back of the table with two layers of decadence just waiting to be nibbled on.  It was wrapped in deep red blooms and set on a golden, jeweled cake stand.

Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Bottle-Vases Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Cakepops Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Flower-Centerpieces Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Gift-Boxes Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Seating Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Photo-Backdrop Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Photo-Props Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Place-Settings Floral-Kate-Spade-Inspired-Bridal-Shower-Welcome-Sign


Nimra khan
Aisha Bukhari


Let Them Eat Cake Shower


This delightful Let Them Eat Cake Shower was brilliantly held outdoors, allowing everyone to thoroughly enjoy a beautiful, sunny day.  Utilizing the skills of  Starry Eyed Events and several other fantastic vendors, this event was definitely one of a kind.

There were a variety of adorable vintage decorations that gave the venue a charming look.  Using a classic vanity style dresser for a buffet table, the traditional vibe of the party was clearly displayed.  The table had gorgeous golden handles that went beautifully with the pastel and gold tones of the theme.

At the front of the table massive paper flowers in gold made a lovely addition to the decor.  A fantastic backdrop stood behind the table saying, “Let Them Eat Cake,” in shimmering gold fashion.  Other sweet additions to the decor on this table included an assortment of cute flower bouquets in different styled vases, adding to the charming vintage vibe.

Of course, a “Let them eat cake” party is not complete without all sorts of tasty cakes to try out and this party had something for everyone to enjoy.  From cupcakes to a mini cake to a layered vision of decadence, the dessert table was full of memorable deliciousness.  The two layered cake was marvelously detailed with flowers for a lovely effect.  There were even sugar cookies frosted in lovely fashion.

The guest tables were immaculately decorated to match the theme tones, each table had a soft blue cover that set the stage for the fantastic blue flowered bouquet that were used as centerpieces. Golden chairs with padded seats offered optimal comfort and style.  Paper flowers were even used to add a touch of glam to the backs of the seats. With a scattering of candles in different styles and tones, a sweet coziness exuded from the tables that guests were sure to enjoy.

Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Buffet Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Cakes Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Cupcakes Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Desserts Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Floral-Sugar-Cookies Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Guest-Table Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Layered-Cake Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Macarons Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Outdoor-Venue Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Paper-Flower Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Sing-Sign Let-Them-Eat-Cake-Shower-Sugar-Cookies

Credits –

Event Stylist – @starryeyedeventsd,,

Photographer – @detallesbym

Make Up – @glamdoohairnmakeup

2 Tier Drip Cake – @giandjocakes

Drip Cake – @homemadetreatsbyanna

Sugar Cookies – @jenis_cookies_and_more

Party Favors – @plumpolkadot

Giant Paper Flowers – @esmeraldaluxurypaperflowers

Crepe Paper Flowers – @paperave

Paper Flowers – @cindypaperie

Tassel Garland – @glamfete

Cotton Candy – @cervantes_emma

Chiavari Chairs – @sdpremier_partyrentals


Tropical Bridal Shower


With a twist on the iconic Lilly Pulitzer flamingo pattern, this beautiful Tropical Bridal Shower was styled with bold and bright colors that stood out in lovely fashion. A Lively Affair left no detail out when creating this fantastic party, ensuring that a special bride to be was completely spoiled.

Using a gorgeous outdoor venue, the natural sunlight kept the party vibrant and allowed all of the guests to enjoy the warm weather.  The pink, gold, and green theme tones went perfectly together, giving the venue a spring like quality.

An adorable cart was used as a dessert buffet, holding a variety of goodies in a vintage style.  With a jar full of colored candies on bottom and a three layer vision of floral perfection, the cake, on top, this cart was sure to be a hit.  Mini champagne bottles were wrapped in gold foil and had bright pink bows, making a delicious addition to the cart too.

Flamingos were a major part of this beautiful theme, smoothly incorporated into the decor.  A massive flamingo cake made a wonderful centerpiece with gorgeous detailing.  The invitations were even created with a cute flamingo on pink and white striped card stock.  

Delicious desserts included sugar cookies shaped into flamingos, pineapples and more. Cupcakes were beautifully decorated with flamingos and pineapples too.

The treat cart was placed in between two golden framed chairs with fun flamingo pillows and attaching it all together was a delightful flag banner with pictures to blend with the theme.  Personalized cups were made for the guests to enjoy, each one was topped with a pink and white striped bow for a cute look.

To add a floral touch to the decor, fantastic bouquets of flowers were incorporated throughout the venue in pink and white tones.

Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Balloons Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Cake Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Cookies Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Cupcakes Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Dessert-Cart Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Flamingo-Cake Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Flamingo-Cookie Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Flamingo-Pillow Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Flamingo-Toppers Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Flowers Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Invitations Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Mini-Champagne-Bottles Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Personalized-Cups Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Pineapple-Macaron Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Pink-Macarons Tropical-Bridal-Shower-Treat-Cart

Credits –

Event Design & Styling: A Lively Affair

Photography: Images in Light, Glenn Bashaw

Cakes & Cupcakes: Elite Custom Cakes

Macarons: Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts

Cupcake Topper; Harriets House of Cakes

Cake Pops & Rice Krispy Treats: U Had Me At Cake

Iced Cookies: Cookies by Design Virginia Beach

Pillows & Pennant Banner: My Pink and Green Garden

Party Decor: Celebration Lane

Floral: Leslie Hartig Floral Design

Stationery: WH Hostess: Social Stationery + Entertaining

Party Favors: monkey see boutique

Chandelier: Chandelier By NK