Golden Glamour Bridal Party

Golden Glamour Bridal Party (1)

This Golden Glamour Bridal Party was a splash of style with gorgeous details put together by the awe inspiring skills of the gals at Shiki. Starting of the party with a bang, a fantastic station was arranged with champagne. This table gave a glam vibe that was sure to get everyone in the mood for some fun.  Using a glitzy cover, this station was bold and beautiful.  Gold, black and white decor was used to create a modern look.

On the table an adorable black and white striped mug held goodies for perfect photos to remember the special day.  The decorations in the mug were absolutely adorable, giant shimmering rings and other fun things on sticks to make it simple to hold them for the pictures. Behind the mug on the table, a large bucket held delicious champagne on ice with a fantastic diy arrow with the #TeamBride, ensuring that all the ladies would have an epic place to post their memorable night.  This sign was dolled up in gold and white with black lettering for a glitzy look.

This station was lined with a white  cover, so all the decorations stood out nicely. A string of black and white tassels added a fun look to the front of the table too.  A lovely tray was used to hold all the champagne glasses and each was even topped with a vibrant red raspberry and a cute little black pom. Mini bottles were glam’d up with gold too and a glass jar held black and white swirly straws for an easy way to enjoy the drinks.

For the photo booth, a whole section was filled with golden strands for a stunning effect. To add to the look pinwheels hung for extra dimension.  There were even strings hanging with cute little additions on them.

Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Champagne Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Chilled-Beverages Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Drinking-Station Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Drinking-Table Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Drinks
Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Hanging-Decorations Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Ice-Bucket Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Photo-Accessories Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Photo-Booth Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Photo-Decor Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Pinwheel-Decor Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Raspberries
Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Ring-Mug Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Straws Golden-Glamour-Bridal-Party-Team-Flag


Planning: Shiki


Garden of Romance Bridal Shower

Garden of Romance Bridal Shower

This sweet Garden Of Romance Bridal Shower had just the right mix of beauty and taste to keep guests wanting to see more. With a fantastic arrangement of beautiful pieces, the venue stood out remarkably. The flower arrangements were actually created from store bought bouquets by party planner AK Party Studio who created her own arrangements in adorable, small mason jars. The mason jars were then placed into a charming decorative wooden box. For a unique and elegant touch, little crystal corsage pins were pressed into the center of several stems throughout the arrangement. The box that held the flowers was actually unfinished wood and a smooth spray of gold metallic paint made it a perfect centerpiece.

Each guest place setting featured a lovely dinner plate, salad plate, fruit bowl and copper metallic cutlery to create a sweet look. The setting was then finished off with a secret guest favor tucked into a beautiful shimmer purple box.

Choosing plastic ware is an easy and affordable solution for your wedding budget, especially if you are hosting in a garden setting. I combined the plastic ware with a china dish on top, different materials creates a beautiful mix.

The invitations for this event were created by the incredibly talented Misha of A Lovely Design. She also created matching table numbers and menu cards that went stylishly with this romantic theme. The design featured on the napkins was matched to them as well, bringing a cohesive design to the event.  The dinner menu was placed on display for guests and beautiful floral China dessert plates waiting for the delicious cake.

Outdoor Great Gatsby Party

Outdoor Great Gatsby Party

This Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party was an object of creative genius with the innovative blend of classic ideas introduced by The Ardent Biblio. With a lovely outdoor venue, this party was warm and welcoming. Using a focus from two scenes from the hit novel, the space reflected a pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere.

The food focus was mainly on edibles that would have been available during the time period of The Great Gatsby, allowing guests to feel like part of that fantastic decade. Tasty pigs in a blanket, egg salad sandwiches, a cheese with meat spread and more ensured that everyone would be able to find something delightful to munch on.

Using a clear, glass top table to hold the foods gave a light and airy effect, making all of the snacks look scrumptious. Flower arrangements along with candles added to the elegant ambience as well.

Along the back fence, a string of bulbs hung, offering soft lighting that helped to set the mood for the literary adventure. To really embrace the idea of a Great Gatsby gathering, an outdoor bar was set up with both a bar sign and a cocktail menu. Set on a modern black table, the menu in its lovely silver frame stood out perfectly.  A massive vintage ice bucket held yummy champagne while martini glasses sported the lemon and lime garnishments. Adorable napkins saying, “Cheers” added a happy little touch to the decor that was also functional. The table was set in between two large potted plants, giving it a cozy and inviting feeling. Another neat addition to the decor were little glasses that were decorateed with a gold glitter rim and had tea lights inside to give that gentle lighting.

For a sweet treat after all the food was enjoyed, lemon cakes awaited the guests. They were beautifully prepared and made a wonderful finishing touch to the party.

Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Alcoholic-Drinks Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Bar Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Bar-Table Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Beverages Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Candlelight Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Candles Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Candles-Lemoncakes Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Champagne Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Cheers-Glasses Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Cheers-Napkins Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Cheese Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Cocktail-Bar Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Decorative-Glasses Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drink-Layout Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drink-Making Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drink-Menu Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drink-Pouring Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Drinks Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Floral-Arrangements Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Flowers Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Food Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Fruit Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Fruit-Spread Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Ham-Skewers Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Lemoncakes Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Lime-Glasses Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Orchid Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Outdoor-Venue Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Plants Outdoor-Great-Gatsby-Party-Table-Design


Planning/Design: The Ardent Biblio

Co-planning/Photographer: Rikki of R. K Rivera Photography


Bubbles & Bliss Wedding Shower

1920’s Inspired Bridal Shower Ideas

Heartfilled Bridal Shower


For this special bride to be, a fantastic Valentine theme seemed like the perfect way to celebrate a lifetime of love! The Heartfilled Bridal Shower idea was beautifully executed by Cassandra of Event Prep, who incorporated a smooth blend of pink and white color throughout the venue for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The dessert area was delightful with a vintage vanity table as the buffet for the treats. With its aged white color, it did not need a cover to be the perfect setting for the sweets. To draw extra attention, a backdrop of tassel banners in pink, white and gold made a spectacular addition to the dessert area. Ther were even gold tassels draped out of one of the drawers which added a touch of glam.

The treats made for the party were quite scrumptious looking, a four tiered cake stood elegantly on one end whilst a single tiered cake covered with dripping pink frosting drew the eye on the other end.  Sugar cookies shaped into adorable hearts and X’s and O’s were set on cute little cake trays to make it simple for the guests to grab and go.

The guest tables were gorgeous with centerpieces in vibrant pink and white blooms.  Large confetti made a super cute touch on the stark white table surfaces too. Each setting had a name tag in magenta and white which made it simple for everyone to find their place.  Golden chargers were a fun stage for the pretty plates and the napkins were even framed in gold which matched to perfection.

A fantastic welcome sign framed in gold was set on an art easel right at the front so everyone knew they were in the right place. A massive display of colorful balloons surrounded this frame beautifully as well, providing a fun welcome for all.

Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Beverage-Cart Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Beverages Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Cake Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Colorful-Pillows Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Decorations Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Desserts Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Dessert-Table Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Flower-Bouquet Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Flower-Centerpiece Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Framed-Art Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Glasses Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Glassware Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Plate Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Seat Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Guest-Table Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Heart-Art Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Layered-Cake Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Love-Letter-Table Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Personalized-Napkins Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Photo-Activity Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Printable-Art Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Printables Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Rock-Candy Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Sugar-Cookies Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Tassels Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Vip-Seat Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Visitor-Seating Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Wall-Flowers Heartfilled-Bridal-Shower-Welcome-Sign


Planning: Cassandra of Event Prep


Photographer: Haley Elizabeth Studios

Bakery: The Next Sweet Thing

Florist: Floral Pursuit

Cake Designer: Cherry Tree Bakery – Custom Cakes

Calligraphy: Scripted Reverie


Pretty in Navy and Gold Floral Bridal Shower

Pretty in Navy and Gold Floral Bridal Shower

The stunning design elements incorporated into this Pretty in Navy and Gold Floral Bridal Shower were arranged by Crystina Meza.  With a lovely blend of floral attributes and soft tones, this indoor celebration had a fantastic outdoor vibe.

The invitations to the event were pure elegance with a pastel floral design and a stylish, curvy font.

To welcome the guests, a large sign was placed on an easel at the entry way. It had bold black and white stripes as a background with a fun, gold, shimmering font saying “Welcome to Yary’s Bridal Shower.” Flowers on the top and bottom corners added a delightful touch to this neat sign.

A favorite element of ours was a vintage style bench that was accented with a lovely parasol.  The bench sat in front of a charming trellis that was framed in fantastic floral garlands.

The menu featured a sushi bar, giving a modern option for everyone to enjoy.  The dessert spread was decadent too.  A long buffet table was set up to hold all of the goodies and had a white base cloth with a bold, blue and white runner down the middle.  Large letters in gold advertised the couples initials as a fun decorative feature at the table center. To add a whimsical touch, the front of this dessert station was lined with a floral garland.

Using a classic activity at this party, each guest place setting had a card for advice to keep the happy couple going strong.  These cards were beautifully designed to match the welcome sign so the theme was smoothly incorporated throughout the venue.

As a gesture of love and support, each guest got to take a delicious treat too, and a sign in a fantastic gold frame was placed beside these goodies with a catchy phrase.

Credit: Crystina Meza

Marriage Advice Cards: Bride and Bows


floral-bridal-shower-flower-frame-tablescape peonies-floral-bridal-shower-menu navy-gold-bridal-shower-cupcakes-topper marriage-advice-bridal-shower-activities-tied-with-ribbon marriage-advice-bridal-shower-activities love is sweet sign gold and navy Let love grow sign Let love grow sign with bags floral-thank-you-bridal-shower-favors-from-my-shower-to-yours floral-gold-glitter-bridal-shower-welcome-sign floral-garden-bridal-shower-backdrop