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8 Easy Steps to Planning a Bridal Shower

1. Set a date– Bridal showers is usually held as early as 2 months prior to the wedding and as late as 2 weeks.  

2. Guest List – Guests will include close personal friends (co-workers, childhood friends etc) of the bride, and family and relatives of the bride & groom to-be. Those that are not invited to the wedding should not be invited to the bridal shower, so you may need to consult who to invite with the bride-to-be. If it’s a surprise bridal shower, you may want to consult the groom to-be.  

3. Choose a Theme – Having a theme for a bridal shower can help with the whole planning process especially with the decorations, but if you cannot decide on the theme, you can look into ever so popular styles of glitz and glam to vintage and rustic. If you are wanting a simple shower, you may want a cozy tea party.

4. Invitations – Recommended time to send the invitations is about 4-6 weeks ahead of the party. 

5. Location – Bridal shower is generally held at the host’s home. But if it is a large group, you may choose to go to a bride to-be’s favorite restaurant, a hotel reception, a park, a community hall or a beach.   

6. Food – Your options include finger foods, catered food, or homemade food. If you are wanting to save money, you can go for quick and easy recipes for finger-food. If there are other people helping out with the shower, you may want to ask them to bring a dish each too. Don’t forget to check for food allergies.

7. Games & Activities – Have some fun by preparing games as well as prizes. You can go for unique bridal shower games including “what’s the bride wearing”, “two truths and a lie”, “what’s in your cell phone”, “toilet paper bride”, or something as simple as bingo and the apron game.

8. Bridal Shower Favors – A small thank you gift for all the guests for attending.